Chiropractic Care and Evaluations for Slip and Fall Injuries

Whether you experienced a slip and fall accident recently or you’d like to take steps to prepare and strengthen your body so you’re less likely to be injured, the Injury Centers of Brevard can help. Contact us today for chiropractic care to build stability and aid recovery. We have three convenient locations in Brevard County, FL, to help you on your journey to recovery.

How slip and fall accident can happen (and how to avoid them)

Slip and fall accidents take many forms and can injure patients of any age or health condition. Outdoors, wet roads, uneven sidewalks, and debris can cause a trip with a hard landing. Indoors, you might be visiting someone’s home or business when you fall on a stair, or you might be doing chores around your own house. Even if the circumstances are simple, you shouldn’t assume the injury is a minor one—slip and fall accidents can be very serious.

There are a few precautions everyone can take to avoid injuring themselves or their guests. From a practical point of view, always make the effort to keep your property tidy and in good repair both inside and out. Even if you know about a loose step at your front door, your guests won’t, and you could end up liable for their medical bills if they fall.

For your own protection, we at Injury Centers of Brevard recommend basic stretching and stabilizing core exercises that you can do regardless of your physical fitness level to improve your balance, posture, and strength should you ever need to catch yourself from falling.

Common injuries associated with a slip and fall

Sometimes, you’ll notice an injury as soon as you fall. However, it may take some time to notice symptoms from muscle strains and other less obvious internal injuries.

If you have recently slipped and fallen, pay attention to the signs of these common injuries:

  • Head and neck injuries: If your head comes in contact with a wall, railing, or the ground in any way during a fall, seek medical attention immediately. Internal bleeding and swelling won’t feel painful but are extremely serious. It’s vital that you rule out any injuries right away. Neck injuries can include slipped or compressed discs at the top of your spine as well as muscle damage.
  • Back injuries: Back and neck injuries can also include compressed or slipped discs. If the disc pinches a nerve, you’ll feel sharp and chronic pain.
  • Hips and legs: Broken hips are the most common slip and fall injury for older victims, but muscle strains and fractures in the hips, legs, or ankles can affect victims of any age.

Recovering from a slip and fall accident with chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic treatment for slip and fall injuries can include massage therapy, manual spinal adjustments, guided stretching to correct spinal alignment, and more. Contact one of our offices in Brevard County, FL, to learn more and schedule a personalized evaluation. Here at Injury Centers of Brevard, we’re here to provide treatments that result in long-lasting relief and recovery.

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