Manual Therapy

Do your back and hips cause you pain? Do your muscles spasm frequently, your joints hurt when you move, and your spine crack and groan when you’re trying to get things done? If your muscle and back pain are preventing you from living your life the way you want to, come into one of three Injury Centers of Brevard locations in Brevard County, FL, for help.

In our practice, we recognize manual therapy as a great treatment method for back and muscle pain caused by various conditions. Whereas most chiropractic offices will initially prescribe you to use ice packs, heating pads, and muscle-strengthening exercises to do at home, we know this can be dissatisfying and may not do much to alleviate your symptoms on their own. We actually take the time to listen to your concerns and address them with a head-on, hands-on approach.

What is it?

Manual therapy is an effective approach to help stimulate the healing of your muscles, joints, and body through direct manipulation from an expertly trained physical therapist. This method of treatment involves the physical therapist actually doing hands-on healing by manipulating your muscles and joints, allowing for a detailed, individualized treatment that focuses on your particular problem area. It’s been shown to increase circulation, remove toxins, increase flexibility and balance, and decrease muscle spasms. Manual therapy for pain can serve many functions and help your body in many ways, as it relaxes and oxidizes your muscles and joints to allow for smoother, more painless movement.

How is it used in our chiropractic practice?

At the Injury Centers of Brevard County, we believe in any treatment that has evidence-based results and is proven to help our patients, and manipulation therapy is no exception to this. Since we treat many types of injuries, we’re constantly looking for ways to help our patients heal from physical trauma or physical conditions that cause constant pain and discomfort. We use manual therapy for pain, to treat muscle stiffness, to regain movement and flexibility, and to encourage the healing process in your muscles.

When can it be used?

If you suffer from back pain, injuries from a car crash, pain from a household or workplace accident, or soft-tissue injuries, this therapy could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Similar to physical therapy, it gets your muscles and joints moving, but it does not rely on you to do the work. Instead, it focuses on a physical therapist manipulating your muscles for you by hand to increase your circulation, lessen pain, and work to resolve the source of your discomfort while promoting your body’s natural healing process.

Due to this, it may significantly reduce your recovery time from injuries, improve your overall health, and improve your musculoskeletal efficiency. It can be used to treat any chiropractic concern that you may have, especially those caused from trauma, accidents, or chronic conditions. Auto accidents in particular can cause unpleasant and persistent injuries such as whiplash, neck pain, back pain, and more, and manual therapy can significantly reduce the presence of the symptoms.

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