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EMS Treatment - car accident injury doctor

Did you pull your back pretty severely and can’t get the pain to stop? Do your muscles spasm frequently and make you clench your teeth in pain?

If you’re tired of feeling constant back pain and muscle tightness, contact the Injury Centers of Brevard in Brevard County, FL, today to learn what we can do for you.

One of the most effective and popular treatments we offer, our Brevard County EMS treatment helps alleviate back and muscle pain and improves your daily life. With this pain-free treatment, you can experience immediate relief in your symptoms without going through manipulations or therapy.

Whether you’ve been in a car crash, suffered a fall, pulled your muscle, or are dealing with back pain or neck pain caused by something else, we can help.

EMS treatment, or electrical muscle stimulation treatment, is a relatively new advancement in chiropractic technology that can effectively, safely, and almost immediately relieve discomfort caused by spasming, tight muscles from back strain or injury.

When a muscle spasms or tightens repeatedly, it can prevent it from recovering from the initial injury as quickly because it’s being overworked and constantly aggravated. Our Brevard County EMS treatment can significantly reduce the occurrence of muscle spasms, and it can provide you with a host of other beneficial side effects as well.

EMS treatment works much as it sounds. During your appointment, electrode receivers will be strategically placed on your back to target the specific problem areas, such as lower back, shoulders, or close to the spine. Their placement will also be determined based upon the type of injury and how deep or shallow the physician wants to send the currents.

The electrodes are hooked up to an electrical stimulation machine, and when it’s turned on, it will send currents of electricity into your muscles. This will be a painless sensation, and the intensity of the currents will be adjusted until you begin to feel a tingling or prickly sensation—although, you by no means should experience pain, stabbing, or burning.

The treatment will continue for as long as is deemed necessary by our physician for the optimal result.

While electrical EMS can sound scary or unusual, it’s a pain-free treatment that is proven to be highly effective at relieving back pain.

Since the electrical currents cause rapid twitching of your back muscles, it actually fatigues them and causes them to relax after treatment has stopped, significantly reducing the spasms you experience and thus lowering your pain levels.

It’s also been proven to stimulate tissue healing because it increases circulation to the affected areas. So if you’ve pulled, strained, or even torn a muscle in your back, it can help encourage it to heal more quickly.

Beyond that, our Brevard County EMS treatment is also shown to reduce inflammation in the treated areas, and it provides other pain-relieving effects because it causes your body to release endorphins, your natural painkillers.

In our dedicated injury care center, we recognize that every individual’s journey to recovery is unique. This is why we provide a customized range of services to address a variety of injury types.

Our approach goes beyond simple treatment; it focuses on restoring your confidence, mobility, and overall well-being. From advanced physiotherapy and specialized rehabilitation programs to compassionate counseling and effective pain management, we are committed to supporting your path to recovery. Together, we will assist you in regaining control of your life and ensuring a healthier, pain-free future. Take the initial step toward your recovery today.

All Gain, No Pain

Our Brevard County EMS treatment is safe, effective, and has no recovery or downtime but offers immediate results. It actively works to reduce swelling and muscle spasms while encouraging your body’s natural healing and pain-relieving processes to take place.

At the Injury Centers of Brevard, we value patient care, so we want to get you back to peak condition as smoothly, quickly, and painlessly as possible.

EMS Treatment - accident injury doctor
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