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Intersegmental Traction - Brevard County

Even minor auto accidents can result in serious strain and injury to the spine.

There are many ways of treating these injuries and restoring the spine, and one of the most effective ones (and most enjoyable for our clients) is intersegmental traction.

This type of auto accident injury care involves a table consisting of rollers that move gently up and down the spine, all while the table vibrates. You just lie back and let the table do its work.

Intersegmental traction generates passive motion throughout the spine in order to stretch the spinal joints with the goal of increasing mobility and range of motion.

Beyond that, it also relaxes the muscles and reduces muscular hypertonicity (passive stiffness or tightness in the muscles).

Specialized traction tables are the main form of providing this treatment. The patient lays down in a relaxed position on their back as a wheeled cam (located under the surface of the table) rotates and moves up and down the spine.

The rollers gently massage and give traction to each individual vertebra—this elongates and stretches the muscles and joints in the spine which, in turn, relaxes the muscles, reducing pain and increasing the patient’s range of motion.

Your intervertebral discs (the soft, fleshy cushions between each vertebra) are avascular (lacking circulation), they need to be able to move within the boundaries specific to them. Intersegmental traction allows more nutritional fluids into the disc, keeping it healthy and thus helping the entire spine improve and retain its natural range of motion.

Intersegmental traction is not only painless, but very relaxing and great for reducing pain.

As a non-invasive treatment option, our patients find it to be a restful and enjoyable experience much like a massage.

Mobility increases, muscle tension loosens, and the spine begins to achieve its natural alignment.

Furthermore, the gentle pumping action of the table increases both oxygen and blood flow to the muscles, discs, and ligaments of the spine. As a result, our patient’s coordination, balance, mobility, and strength is improved.

  • Joint motion: Spinal function is improved as the table’s rollers gently move up and down your spine.
  • Improved circulation: As the rollers give traction to the vertebrae, the muscles and soft tissue supporting the spine are gently stretched, increasing oxygen and blood flow that is essential to healing and recovery from back injury.
  • Muscle relaxation: The entire healing process is accelerated when the muscles relax and stop spasming.
  • Swelling reduction: Effective auto accident injury care means reducing fluid build up, which typically occurs after an injury—the consistent motion on the spine from our intersegmental traction tables reduces fluid build up and sets a foundation for better healing.
  • Disc hydration: Intersegmental traction gives your discs more nutrition with greater blood supply and circulation. Traction circulates the fluids your discs need to become healthy again.
  • Passive exercise: Intersegmental traction restores elasticity to the muscles that support the spine, breaking up scar tissue and making chiropractic adjustments more effective.

Within our dedicated injury care center, we acknowledge the distinctiveness of each person’s journey toward recovery. This is why we provide a personalized range of services tailored to address various categories of injuries.

Our approach extends beyond mere treatment; it revolves around the restoration of your confidence, mobility, and overall well-being. From advanced physiotherapy and specialized rehabilitation programs to empathetic counseling and effective pain management, we are fully committed to supporting your path to recovery. Together, we will assist you in regaining control over your life and ensuring a future free from pain. Take that essential first step towards your recovery today.

Same-day and walk-in appointments available!

We take it upon ourselves to help each patient as much as possible, taking time to individualize our chiropractic treatment approaches to each unique case—we strive to provide the perfect solution to back pain, neck pain, and many conditions related to spinal problems and work related injuries.

If you believe you’re suffering from a subluxation or have any type of persistent back pain, please contact us or visit us at the location nearest to you to see if our Brevard County chiropractic adjustment treatment is the best choice for you.

At our injury center we work with most insurance plans, accept walk-in appointments and offer same-day appointments if you call ahead.

Great patient care is our priority, and we look forward to helping you live a better life.

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