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Leading Whiplash Injury Treatment in Brevard Country, FL

Whiplash injuries affect patients of any age and are a common result of car accidents or impact situations. Whiplash happens any time a person’s head and neck snaps forward and backward sharply and quickly. This unnatural jerking motion puts a significant amount of strain on the neck, damaging cervical muscles, ligaments, discs, nerves, and vertebrae joints.

At Injury Centers of Brevard, our Brevard County whiplash treatment effectively uses several methods. One of the most frequent ways to reduce pain and restore a full range of head and neck motion to the patient is chiropractic care. If you were in a car accident as recently as today or have persistent difficulty turning your head in any direction due to an old injury, contact our team of chiropractors in Brevard County, FL. You don’t need to live with the symptoms of whiplash. Here at Injury Centers of Brevard, we’ll help you find long-term relief and recovery.

Why Choose Injury Centers of Brevard

Choosing Injury Centers of Brevard for whiplash treatment is a decision that prioritizes specialized care, personalized solutions, and a commitment to long-term well-being. Whether you’ve recently experienced a whiplash injury or are dealing with the aftermath of a past incident, our center stands ready to guide you towards a comprehensive recovery


Whiplash symptoms don’t always show up right after a car accident. It takes time for the injured muscles to tense and tighten up and cause painful symptoms and loss of motion. This is one of the reasons why we always recommend seeking medical treatment immediately after an accident, even if you feel fine.

When symptoms do show up, they often take the form of headaches, neck pain, neck and shoulder stiffness, lower back pain, dizziness, and sharp or dull pain in the upper back and shoulders. If you experience any of these symptoms and can think of a recent impact or jerking motion you experienced in a car, amusement park, gym, sports events, or any other type of activity, there’s a good chance that a whiplash injury is the root cause of your pain.

With an experienced chiropractor on your side, you’ll receive effective Brevard County whiplash treatment and have a recordkeeping partner who will track you progress if you need to file a claim for medical bills or lost wages. As licensed professionals, the team members at Injury Center of Brevard are trained to identify and then gently adjust the musculoskeletal system that was jerked out of its natural position.

Depending on your personal needs, the adjustments might include physical manipulation, muscle relaxation techniques, strengthening and stabilization exercises, and evaluation or improvement of posture and ergonomics to relieve the pressure causing the pain.

If you’re suffering from the symptoms of whiplash, the Injury Centers of Brevard has three locations in Brevard County, FL, with trained chiropractors who can help you through the recovery process. We’ve helped many patients regain strength, restore their full range of motion, and live an active and pain-free lifestyle, so join our community on the road to a full recovery.

Our diagnostic process begins with a comprehensive examination, including a detailed medical history and advanced imaging if necessary. This meticulous approach allows us to precisely diagnose the extent of the whiplash injury and tailor treatment plans accordingly.

Whiplash symptoms can vary but often include neck pain, stiffness, headaches, and limited range of motion. Patients may also experience shoulder pain, tingling in the arms, and fatigue. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it’s crucial to seek prompt medical attention for an accurate diagnosis and timely treatment.

Yes, untreated or improperly managed whiplash injuries can lead to chronic pain. Injury Centers of Brevard emphasizes early intervention and comprehensive care to reduce the risk of chronic pain associated with whiplash. Our goal is to facilitate a swift and effective recovery.

It’s advisable to seek treatment as soon as possible after a whiplash injury. Early intervention allows for prompt diagnosis and timely treatment, significantly contributing to a faster recovery and minimizing the risk of long-term complications.

Yes, Injury Centers of Brevard emphasizes preventive strategies to reduce the risk of chronic pain associated with whiplash injuries. Early intervention, comprehensive care, and rehabilitation play key roles in minimizing long-term complications.

The duration of recovery varies based on the severity of the injury and individual factors. Many patients experience significant improvement within a few weeks with prompt and comprehensive treatment. Following the recommended treatment plan is essential for sustained and long-term recovery.

In most cases, whiplash injuries can be effectively treated without surgery. Injury Centers of Brevard emphasizes non-invasive interventions, such as physical therapy and pain management techniques, to facilitate recovery. Surgical options are considered only in rare and severe cases.

During your consultation, our healthcare professionals will conduct a thorough examination, discuss your symptoms and medical history, and may perform diagnostic tests if necessary. Based on the findings, a personalized treatment plan will be developed to address the specific nature of your whiplash injury.

Same-day and walk-in appointments available!

We take it upon ourselves to help each patient as much as possible, taking time to individualize our chiropractic treatment approaches to each unique case—we strive to provide the perfect solution to back pain, neck pain, and many conditions related to spinal problems and work related injuries.

If you believe you’re suffering from a subluxation or have any type of persistent back pain, please contact us or visit us at the location nearest to you to see if our Brevard County chiropractic adjustment treatment is the best choice for you.

At our injury center we work with most insurance plans, accept walk-in appointments and offer same-day appointments if you call ahead.

Great patient care is our priority, and we look forward to helping you live a better life.

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